ADMERASIA has launched an ongoing research series ADMERASIA COVID-19 MONITOR to help brands track the shifts in consumer attitude and demands during the pandemic to aid in a successful revival. Released on April 26th, Life After COVID-19 is the series’s first report, featuring findings from a proprietary online survey that examined Americans’ sentiments during the lockdown and their vision of life after.

In this episode, Hispanic marketing guru, Dr. Felipe Korzenny, discusses the ins and outs of successful marketing to Latinx consumers, with a focus on culture.

Andy Lack is leaving. And, the top executive overseeing NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises is taking over his role as part of a wholesale restructuring.  By Adam Jacobson - Editor in Chief / Radio +TV Business Report

Governments around the world are edging toward plans to exit mass population lockdowns, albeit at different speeds and in different ways, but the persistent questions for business are around what the future holds and how it should be navigated.

2020 is the year when the majority of all Americans under seventeen years old will be from a minority background, a process that will culminate with a so-called “minority-majority” population by the mid-2040s. These demographic changes will bring about a significant transformation to Corporate America, and during the next few months, I will discuss some of these consequences, in each article targeting one specific area of our business environment. By  Isaac Mizrahi - Co-President of ALMA Agency

In this second study of advertising buyers, IAB has compared changes to advertising spend for the March through June timeframe. Month over month, we’ve uncovered trends and new insights about the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on media and messaging strategies

The spread of coronavirus is leaving a wide swath of economic damage in its wake. Our initial analysis, conducted at the beginning of April, examined the impact at the state, national, and occupational level. We estimated that in the shutdown phase alone, up to 53 million US jobs were vulnerable—a term we use to encompass permanent layoffs, temporary furloughs, or reductions in hours and pay.

To get a pulse on consumer sentiment and offline behavior during the coronavirus pandemic, Comscore asked questions relating to this crisis as a part of several of our syndicated surveys.

Today’s parents are ‘rediscovering,’ likely out of necessity, what their parents and grandparents always knew. TV makes a pretty good babysitter for homebound kids. Now several weeks into the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown in the U.S., a clearer picture is emerging around how “shelter-in-place” orders are affecting the daily lives of American families in local cities across the country—specifically as it relates to their TV appetite, according to a new Nielsen study.

The coronavirus outbreak has driven many commercial and social activities online and for some the internet has become an ever more crucial link to those they love and the things they need.

While quickly adjusting to a work-from-home situation and revamping client marketing plans, many in our industry saw early signs of how the pandemic was disproportionately having a negative impact on the Latino community. Early data showed Latinos are more likely to be deemed as “essential workers” and less likely to be in jobs that could be performed remotely.  by Louis Maldonado

Innovation is the heart of the tech and telco industries, and brands in this category continue to blaze trails by embracing new digital touch points. However, TV remains important and experience and recommendation are some of the most impactful touch points. In this post I a take a closer look at which media work best for technology and telecom brands.  by Sahaj Chawla - Senior Consultant / Kantar

Univision Communications Inc. is launching Unidos Por Los Nuestros (United for Each Other) COVID-19 campaign to help Hispanic America grapple with the impact of the pandemic based on consultation with community partners and audience needs.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the United States, Toyota Motor North America announced a range of initiatives with longstanding national nonprofit partners to serve the U.S. Hispanic community.

During the first few days of this global COVID-19 pandemic, I attended a virtual meeting with colleagues from different locations across the world. In this meeting, I heard about how local markets like China, Hong Kong, Australia, U.K. and Germany, among others, were tackling the challenges created by the disruption we are currently facing. After a few minutes listening to the speakers, it was clear that we are facing this pandemic crisis as a planet, that this is a global crisis that sees no boundaries and respects no religion or ideology.  By Isaac Mizrahi -  Co-President ALMA Agency