The U.S. Census Bureau released new tables from the 2019 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement.

The Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) announced today an impactful change to its national board of directors

Besides its health and economic effects, the COVID-19 pandemic has also triggered a massive spike in firearm and ammunition sales. Skyrocketing to the point that the NRA has successfully lobbied to get gun retailers deemed an ‘essential service' by the federal government.  It’s obvious that some are forgetting that during this COVID-19 crisis, the best weapon to protect themselves and their family is by simply using soap. Not with guns and ammo. And even though most of us are in isolation, we still shouldn’t distance ourselves from this problem.

We all know that life will change forever but at the moment every day seems the same.  However, in the middle of the practical stresses of lockdown are being seeded the attitudes and behaviours that will lead to the ‘new normal.  By Marco Rimini, Global Chief Development Officer, Mindshare

Today’s multicultural consumers are younger than the general population and tech-savvy, making mapping their digital DNA essential to a company’s value chain. The issue is that some of that intel comes too late in the process.

NGL Collective has announced the launch of NGL Insights in partnership with ThinkNow ConneKt, offering advertisers technology-driven cultural insights and over 1.5 million first party data points gathered across thousands of multicultural surveys, augmented by insights from NGL’s massive Hispanicize social influencer network. 

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced immediate, far-reaching lifestyle shifts for American consumers. In fact, it’s unlikely that consumers’ lives will return to normal in the near future.

Americans are adapting to the “new normal” as the coronavirus crisis continues, according to the latest wave of Horowitz Research’s COVID-19 study. In a survey fielded late last week, forty-five percent (45%) of Americans reported feeling “scared” and 63% feel “overwhelmed by the current events,” dropping from 53% and 69%, respectively, in the same survey fielded in late March.

As the economic and social ramifications of the Great Lockdown make themselves apparent there is a lot of discussion about what consumer behaviours will change when we reach a new normal after COVID-19. Some anticipate widespread changes, but I am not so sure. Mostly it will depend on what context the new normal creates.  by Nigel Hollis

Whether it’s tomorrow or six months from now, at some point local and state governments will begin to ease COVID-19-related restrictions and people will be free to resume their everyday lives. But will they? Independent marketing, advertising and public relations agency Mower has conducted a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults to learn what common activities they will feel comfortable returning to on Day One.

Strada Education Network has released a new analysis of Public Viewpoint: its weekly, nationally representative survey tracking the impact of the global pandemic on Americans' lives, work and education. The analysis examines the last four weeks of survey data by race and ethnicity, finding that black and Latino Americans disproportionately report job and income loss, respectively.

The coronavirus outbreak is a global humanitarian crisis that has affected millions of people. The economic impact of the pandemic can be seen across sectors, but it may be most widely visible in the consumer goods sector. News broadcasts and social media feeds are flooded with images of empty shelves that should house toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Consumers are shifting where they shop, what they purchase, and how much they purchase at an unprecedented scale and speed.

It seems frivolous to talk about branding issues with everything going on. But if there’s one thing many of us have more of these days it’s some extra thinking time. And when the current circumstances change, we'll benefit from taking time to pause and reflect. So, let’s take a few moments to think about emotion and the role it plays in branding.  by Myles George - Director / NeedScope International

During a time when agencies are adapting to a new way of doing business, with back-to-back Zoom calls and smaller team huddles, agencies with culture marketing expertise are thriving. Why? Because cultural IQ has never been more important. Moments of crisis are when strategic partners are needed, particularly in today’s climate when there are shifts in behavior, messaging and production capabilities.  by Gonzalo Del Fa

Class of 2020, created by students at the University of Texas at Austin, is the newest platform supporting brands since stay-at-home guidelines were placed. The students, expected to graduate this year, were met with commencement ceremony cancellations and a lack of jobs and internship options due to agency cutbacks. The unpromising job market has led them to create an agency offering research, strategic planning, experiential and creative ideation, public relations and creative execution.