Film and television director, writer, and producer, Juan Camilo Pinzon, signed an exclusive contract with Latin World Entertainment,

Despite the economic challenges, the middle class is growing and there are more people with high disposable incomes. Additionally, younger generations are growing and consumers are looking to be more health conscious and maintain their current lifestyles.

Most individuals likely don't spend much time wondering how the products they use every day are developed. Generally speaking, they identify the products that appeal to them and then bring them into their lives without thinking too much about how they came to be—their drinkable yogurt, their antioxidant beverages and their rippled toilet paper.

Ipsos study reveals consumer knowledge on government regulations of products and ads.

The Chrysler brand is launching a new campaign this week to share key features of the all-new Chrysler Pacifica with Hispanic customers.

Growth is the engine of wealth and success.  Stock prices soar.  Companies expand, hire and promote, and salaries rise.  Optimism abounds.  Everyone has a place in a growing future.  The party does not go on forever, as we know.  Growth rates slow, and sometimes they halt -- the reasons vary, but it's inevitable.  Still, the end of growth is shocking, and the advertising industry is now facing the shock.  By Michael Farmer / Madison Avenue Manslaughter Archives

Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) announced some findings from its newly commissioned research study conducted by Nielsen, titled, “Los Fanáticos: The Passion and Power of the Hispanic Sports Fan.”

BARU Marketing + Media, an integrated marketing and media agency, has launched a new consulting division, ATTUNE Insights.

Establishing a shopper marketing program can be incredibly difficult for organizations both big and small. But with these ANA tools and templates, available exclusively to ANA members, marketers can make their shopper marketing programs faster, easier, and more efficient for everyone involved.  By Arielle Feger, associate manager, marketing knowledge center

New Ipsos research shows a clear path for brands to protect their reputations and avoid the political fray.

As you may know by now Kantar Millward Brown has published a new report titled, ‘Make a Lasting Impression'. Implicit in the report title is that idea that making a lasting impression is a good thing, something that advertisers should be aiming to do. But why is making a lasting impression a good thing?  by Nigel Hollis

According to new research, the echo chamber created when like-minded people self-segregate and embrace information and ideas that support their opinions and beliefs is not only solidifying polarized views in society, but also impeding creativity.

This year, Toyota is launching the “Juntos Somos Imparables” (Together We are Unstoppable) campaign at NALEO in Dallas which is all about empowering Hispanics to pursue their dreams.

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc /

  • What is science?
  • In the marketing/advertising/public relations biz we know very well how science can be manipulated and packaged to forward one-sided arguments.

Millennials say they are spending more time with video and social, but they are not necessarily cutting back their time with other media.