Programmatic plans require fluid budgets and adaptability. Control freaks may be tempted to pre-plan every tactic of their campaigns, but it’s better to start broad, have a thesis on what could work, observe performance, and optimize your campaign based on that data.

For years, the AICE — the trade group for independent post-production houses — has been loudly complaining about the ad industry practice of “check bids,” and other unfair practices utilized by Adland in the course of producing commercials for their clients. Now it appears that the U.S. Department of Justice is looking into the matter.

Successful marketers know that people engage with ideas that are meaningful so they try to create powerful, insights-based campaigns that resonate with their target audience. Achieving success isn't easy, and game changing work can be thwarted by any number of pressures. But marketers who develop a consistent, disciplined approach to creative development increase their probability of generating stronger brand value and business performance–the ultimate success criteria.  By Ann Green - Managing Partner Creative Development Practice at Kantar Millward Brown

All sorts of news was vying for attention this past week.

A first of its kind report revealing the perceptions of the biggest spending U.S. advertisers indicates many more agency reviews ahead.

It looks like the ad market has settled into a post-recession growth pattern that is stable, but in the low single digits as marketers remain cautious and continue to demand optimal ROI for their advertising spending investments as more dollars move to digital channels. Economic and political uncertainties appear to be factors keeping growth at a moderate pace.

Anomaly announced the promotion of two of our executive into newly created positions across our fast expanding, and continually evolving, network.

Allied first launched its multicultural practice with Allied Hispanic, then expanded to African-American audiences with Allied Moxy, and now adds LGBTQ marketing to its service portfolio with Allied Pride.  

In my simplistic vision, both sides must come to terms with the current state of the media industry, and must be willing to compromise. It’s undoubtedly true that advertisers have cut back on the fees they pay agencies for their services. There is a chicken-and-egg question here: Has this happened because agencies seem to be making large sums of money? Or are agencies being forced to find new sources of income, because advertisers have been cutting back?

The widespread and increasing use of data to help manage agency relationships is leading to more informed decision-making. This is delivering positive benefits to client/agency relationships as well as improving efficiencies at both clients and agencies. Furthermore, the increased use of data is improving transparency and accountability, both hot topics at the moment. Bottom line: Data is truly a "force for good" in client/agency relationships.  By Bill Duggan, Group EVP, ANA

In a declaration distributed over the Thanksgiving holiday -- appropriately, on Black Friday -- José Villa, President of Los Angeles-based digital cross-cultural agency Sensis put another dagger into the fragile heart of U.S. Hispanic marketing.

As brands and agencies continue to shift dollars to programmatic campaigns -- two-thirds of display media is now purchased programmatically, according to eMarketer -- marketers are starting to take notice that they may be doing so at the expense of creating emotional connections with consumers.

VS/Brooks Advertising Co-CEOs and Co-Founders Diana Brooks and Vivian Santos announced that Anais Rodriguez has been appointed to the position of Account Supervisor.

I fancy myself an organizational psychologist—that’s what my degree says, so it’s a fair claim. I talk to and observe people, analyze leadership, create systems, facilitate learning and generally help people work. I do that as part of the agency business—an industry that heeds the word of Cannes as gospel. And Cannes says, “Let there be simplicity,” so we collectively agree that the best is always simple, and simple is always best.  By Jacqueline Debien, Global Director of Organizational Development at Momentum Worldwide

Publicis.Sapient, part of Publicis Groupe announced the merger of SapientNitro and Razorfish to form SapientRazorfish which is designed to better fuse the significant experience and technology capability across the two businesses in response to client needs for digital expertise at scale.