The U.S. is rich in complicated history and diversity. While we may contend with a divisive society, Gen Z, could be key to bringing us together and elevating brand standards at the same time. As the first multicultural majority generation, Gen Zers under 18 are fueling culture plus interpreting and reinventing the American theme—and that is having an impact on Main Street and on Wall Street.  By: Nancy Tellet, CMC Research Chair, Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Council

New demographic insights across TV program talent and viewers will empower the entertainment industry to create more inclusive content

How often does your agency revisit its new business strategy? (Dare I ask...does it have a proper new business strategy, to begin with?)  By Mark Duval -  The Duval Partnership

Why Advertisers Can’t Afford To Stop Advertising

Largest Latinx virtual event to feature Dr. Anthony Fauci, Paola Ramos, John Leguizamo, Giselle Blondet and other renowned doctors, community leaders, activists, celebrities and influencers in a free special edition event taking place on Friday, March 12th 

Newly-formed Mother Tongue announced it is the exclusive Spanish-language production partner of American Public Media's (APM) award-winning educational podcast program, Brains On.

Challenge the status quo. Transform long-held beliefs and behaviors. Build a more equitable future, together. Businesses can help lead the way toward racial equity and our perspective can help you drive the change.

Although tension always exists between time spent on the substance of a meeting and time spent socializing, most recurring meetings reach a natural balancing point — at least until the equilibrium is disrupted by a change in circumstances or in the personalities involved. Having to meet via Zoom (or one of the other platforms that now constitute our virtual conference rooms) has tipped that balance.

Designing great customer experiences is getting easier with the rise of predictive analytics.

Given consumers’ budding on-demand lifestyles, it’s not surprising that podcasts have become the darlings of the audio realm—for consumers, content creators, and now, advertisers. This is good news for everyone, but as the podcast landscape broadens, content creators and advertisers will be increasingly tasked with ensuring that their programs and messages align with who’s listening. And when we look at audience trends, creators and advertisers should be focused on where the growth i

Client Heads endure the daily combat of client-agency relationships. They get no glory for their efforts or sacrifices. They suffer the consequences of scope of work increases, fee reductions, inadequate resources and relationship threats. They hold the line and try to keep things from getting worse. They're on their own. This is not right -- agency transformations depend on Client Head successes in battle. Client Heads are receiving inadequate support from their leaders.

Walmart subsidiary Sam’s Club has appointed VMLY&R its first agency of record following a competitive pitch.

A year into the pandemic, one thing hasn't changed for office workers: remote work. Working from home isn't just a "phase" but a way of life now; and many love it. It's become the new norm, even for those with reservations. However, while work from home is an undeniable part of the future, it requires empathy from companies — and a reworking to how businesses operate structurally.

The right CDO can help firms reap the benefits of data-informed decision-making. Here’s what your data chief should do for your organization.

NBCUniversal announced that its 42 NBC/Telemundo stations and seven regional sports networks are officially moving to 100 percent impressions-based buying for all local advertising campaigns as of April 1, 2021.