The great hope for digital/social media was addressable advertising, with its lower creation and production costs coupled with higher advertising effectiveness. How could one argue with this formula, particularly while the consuming public was retreating from broadcast advertising? Unrecognized by digital/social enthusiasts, though, are the hidden costs of complexity, which today threaten to erode the marketing effectiveness of advertisers and agencies alike.

Product innovators and marketers spend an exorbitant amount of time and effort perfecting their products before they bring them to market. So, after they spend all this time behind the scenes developing the packaging, positioning the marketing materials and finalizing the product itself, how do they know when the innovation is ready for launch?

Avocados From Mexico proves that avocados are Always Worth It in its Big Game ad titled "The Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network" which showcases just how truly precious avocados are to people. The brand's :30 second spot will air during the second quarter of the Big Game on February 2, 2020, celebrating the national avocado obsession.

UNITED COLLECTIVE announced that seasoned digital and creative executives Francisco “Pakko” De La Torre and Santos Enriquez, have joined the collective as Associate Creative Director and Art Director, respectively.

Charter Communications, Inc. announced a new multiplatform Spectrum campaign starring global superstar Ozuna (“Hasta Que Salga El Sol”, “Baila Baila Baila”) aimed at connecting with Hispanics at a deeper level through their love for music and technology such as the services provided by Spectrum -- advanced internet, TV, mobile, and voice.

Rosario Dawson is a firm believer that the journey of life is its own destination and that every day and action should be fully experienced and savored with humor, grace and conviction. Through her work on and off screen, the actress, singer, activist and fashion designer has devoted herself to pushing back against injustice and bigotry all over the world.

Northgate Market, the family-owned and operated supermarket chain, alongside its agency Circus (part of MediaMonks, S4Capital’s content practice), launched an ingenious digital campaign featuring "behind-the-scenes" pre-roll ads that anticipate some of the biggest Super Bowl spots, reminding viewers that the products showcased in the ads they're about to see come from Northgate, "those big game ads start with us ."

Renown economist and consultant Heide Calero has created a series of videos that help businesses better understand the transformation of Puerto Rico’s economy through the decades.  The up and downs of certain economic strategies that have impacted the island’s past and current state.

Latinx founders are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America--but their businesses are struggling to scale.

I always used to say that the people that created a great TV ad got fed up with seeing it long before its intended audience did. After all marketers and agency team see the content on a regular basis, normal people do not. But, on reflection, this problem applies all aspects of marketing activity. Maybe all marketers should remember the adage, ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’.  by Nigel Hollis

In-house creative teams at advertisers may play a bigger role in Super Bowl advertising this year.  Procter & Gamble will air a pregame spot for its Secret brand on Super Bowl Sunday that was conceptualized, written and cast by its in-house creative team. The in-house team also had a hand in the editing, graphic design and revisions of the spot.

While counter to historical trends, the shift isn’t surprising. The Latinx community represents nearly one-fifth of the U.S. population, and the U.S. Census projects that to double to 109 million over the next 40 years. And as a result, the Latinx community is playing an increasing role in defining what it means to be American—including what Americans eat and drink during major events like the Super Bowl.

Given all the hoopla about virtual assistants it seems so yesterday to be talking about the importance of visual impressions in marketing, but not everyone has a virtual assistant, and even fewer use them to make purchases on a regular basis. Most purchases are still made in a physical environment and marketers still need to make sure people recognize and respond to their brand in that context.  by Nigel Hollis

It is fascinating how some people have the great skill of looking at the same information that everybody else is seeing, with a completely different perspective. I work in advertising so this is the norm, but in some other industry sectors, such as finance, this might not be the rule. That is why Dr. Bob Froehlich’s presentation at the Executives’ Club of Chicago’s Annual Economic Outlook Luncheon blew my mind. His take on some very important topics, such as diversity, the American Dream and social media, are quite provocative. Here are the four very important “landmarks” that he thinks will impact - better saying it is already impacting - the American economy in the next couple of year.  By Carla Eboli

Millennials are the most attractive target for marketers. That is why companies spend five times as much trying to reach them than on Baby Boomers, even though Boomers control 70% of all disposable income. Millennials, goes the argument, are critical for a brand success in the long run. Get them when they are young, and they’ll stay with you for a lifetime (an overly optimistic, wishful thinking about the ficklest generation ever).