Nielsen announced that it has received Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for its viewability integrations with Integral Ad Science and Moat for desktop display and video viewable GRP estimates in Digital Ad Ratings for age 13+ age/sex demographics.

When it comes to collecting and evaluating audience data, marketers can choose from a multitude of tactics.

(add)ventures and Prism Group, Inc., a public relations and special events company, join in a strategic alliance to offer more competitive end-to-end solutions to corporations that market in Latin America (LATAM) and to the U.S. Hispanic population.

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative Director, etc. /

  • There’s a cottage industry around the concept of “growth hacks”.
  • It is built around one premise: there always is a shortcut, an alternative way, a silver bullet.
  • Growth hacks, however, must be firmly rooted in big data.
  • It ain’t just throwing spaghetti to the wall to see what sticks.

Last week I presented at the TUAD, the Turkish Researchers Association, addressing the conference theme “Sharper vision guides brands to a profitable future”. The following is a summary of what I had to say.  by Nigel Hollis

Nontraditional players have recognized the tremendous opportunity that lies in the healthcare space, and are innovating with or without pharma partners to solve many of the healthcare issues that patients are dealing with. Companies such as Apple, Google, General Electric, Samsung, Microsoft, and IBM are flooding the healthcare market with innovative approaches to medicine.

By now you’ve heard about the floridly tone deaf Pepsi ad. You know, the almost three minute ad, what Pepsi called a mini movie, where, at the end of a multicultural protest – about something – the young model Kendall Jenner offers a Pepsi to a police officer among a line of riot officers. When he cracks open the Pepsi, all those multicultural millennials cheer and embrace. Because the sound of a Pepsi can opening apparently solves everything – racism, homophobia, gender inequality, maybe something else – and it even turns a self-absorbed model into a leader in the fight for… um… peace, hope, and beautiful models?  By David Morse, President and CEO of New American Dimensions

By now, we know all about the dangers of “fake news,” but there’s another form of false information, the concept of “fake trends,” that marketers should be aware of since these can have a negative impact on business strategies. We are witnessing one of them right now when it comes to Hispanic marketing.  by Isaac Mizrahi, co-president, chief operating officer, ALMA.

Azteca America New York and client Boost Mobile, part of the Sprint Prepaid Group, will present a free concert in New York City on April 11th as part of Boost Mobile’s “Musica Sin Limite” concert series.

APC Collective, launched their #APCChats podcast during SXSW to spotlight some incredible, nuanced and important stories that often go untold. Free from the traditional format of 140 characters, a social video, article or blog post, the intention is to let creators share the origins of their ideas with in-depth backstories.

Consumers are right to be concerned about and demand strong protection of their privacy rights. Advertisers have long understood this highly legitimate need. That is why in 2010 the ad community launched the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) self-regulatory program to give consumers broad power to determine whether their Internet and mobile activities would be collected and utilized for advertising purposes. The ad community also has strongly supported a broad array of legislation to protect consumer’s truly sensitive financial, health, children’s and other similar data.

By Miguel Arias – Adman

  • The outcry is a bit too much.
  • In all fairness, why is the premise of Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner spot stupider than the vast majority of content coming out of Hollywood, the music industry or Madison Avenue?
  • If the socialsphere and the thought police applied the same level of self-righteous scrutiny to every figment of pop culture out there, no movie, music video, TV show or TV spot would ever see the light of day.
  • At the very least, Pepsi tried to do something different.

A couple of weeks ago while skiing at Park City in Utah, I checked in to my return flight with Delta while riding up the Super Condor lift. The experience reminded me that when well-designed apps really do make life easier, and that a positive experience is the best way to build a strong brand.  by Nigel Hollis

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This year, the AHAA Annual Conference will tackle the hottest topics in marketing today: technology, disruption, culture, creativity and content. From June 12 to 14 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, AHAA will bring together experts and trendsetters to discuss how powerful U.S. Hispanics are to brands, how disruption and innovation is changing the way we consume content, and how marketers must adapt, ensuring efforts be free of stereotypes and inclusive of the multicultural community.