By Gonzalo López Martí  - Creative director, etc. /

“Beware those who want to save the world,
most likely they just want to control it.”

A recent article on The Correspondent is gaining attention for suggesting that the $273 billion-dollar online advertising industry is the new dot com bubble. The authors are undoubtedly right, much of the money spent on digital is being wasted. But here is the problem, too many advertisers believe their money is well-spent and they do not want to hear otherwise.  by Nigel Hollis

While 27 percent of chief diversity officers find themselves still having to make the case for diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace, the good news is that the majority of top leaders already understand how critical these efforts are. Indeed, in my work in talent and diversity at Google, Disney, and other large firms, I’ve found many leaders eager for actionable frameworks and advice to create more inclusive cultures. But again and again I find one thing plaguing their attempts: fear.    By Daisy Auger-Dominguez

The ANA is tackling the marketing industry’s ongoing talent crisis head-on with a new multi-tiered campaign designed to inspire talented and diverse university students to choose marketing as a career.

Entravision Communications Corporation announced the promotion of Jose Mateo III and the appointment of Erika M. Marrero to Vice Presidents of Entravision’s Audio Network Sales.

Beauty adspend has struggled in recent years as magazines and television –  traditionally favoured by brands for their ability to evoke emotional connections with consumers through bold imagery and high production quality – have lost audiences to the internet. While these channels are still valuable, circulations have declined for many years and ratings are now falling in key markets.

Sometimes when you finish writing an article, you may struggle a bit to find a catchy headline. You look for something that could immediately break through the clutter, maybe something with a sense of humor, sometimes a breaking news approach. However, that’s not the case for this article. Sorry, but this time I went with a direct headline. Why? Because I believe it is crucial to address this topic in a very straightforward manner.  By Isaac Mizrahi - Co-President of ALMA

Despite the headlines and hashtags, women around the world are fatigued and believe meaningful change is coming too slowly. Nielsen recently took a closer look at the worldwide reality of where women are today and found that there’s an opportunity here for brands.

he technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector has enjoyed unprecedented growth over the past decade. Seven of the ten largest companies by market value are TMT companies. Incumbents such as Apple, Disney, and Verizon have been joined by a quickly scaling group of disruptive players such as Alibaba Group, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Salesforce, all of which have been buoyed by consumers’ and businesses’ growing appetite for technology products and services.

ANA client-side marketers continue to make significant progress in achieving gender equality among CMOs, but in stark contrast, there has been little headway made in improving ethnic diversity.

Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (SBS) Chairman and CEO, Raúl Alarcón, has been appointed to the Federal Communications Commission’s (“FCC”) Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment (“ACDDE”) by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Mr. Alarcón will join an accomplished group of media and digital executives focused on accelerating the entry of women, minorities and small businesses into the media industry.

By Gonzalo López Martí  - Creative director, etc./

  • I had been hearing and reading the “Latinx” neologism bandied about for quite a while.
  • It is possibly just a fad in certain “progressive” circles.
  • Next thing you know, politicians jump on the bandwagon.
  • Namely Elizabeth Warren, who seems to be in dire need of a serious team of Hispanic political strategists by her side.
  • Mind you, I fully support experimenting with language.
  • It is possibly the best way to keep a culture vibrant and lively.
  • Second only to bearing lots of children.
  • Espanglish?

While challenges posed by external factors are difficult to tame, CPOs and their organizations should shift from reactive to predictive supply chain management to offset risks as much as possible and be more resilient against both planned and unplanned events.

Understanding how brands engage Hispanics in the marketplace is essential to removing labels that don’t represent the diversity of this thriving demographic. To give us insight into how this plays out in real time, I reached out to Nicole Preston, General Manager of DishLATINO Brand Marketing, a client, to glean best practices for crafting a winning customer engagement strategy that builds loyalty and drives usage of their core services.  By Mario X. Carrasco, co-founder and principal of ThinkNow Research

If you’re a woman in North America, the OECD estimates that you make $10,000 less than your male counterparts each year, and you’re charged between $1,300 and $2,135 more for products and services. It’s a gender fine that adds up to about half a million dollars over your lifetime—and that’s if you’re lucky. If you’re college-educated, a professional school graduate, a minority, or a Millennial, experts estimate that your gender fine ranges between $1 and $2 million.