It’s hip to be square.

If you want your brand to be associated with young people, then image isn’t everything, at least not according to a study by MTV Networks, the long-time arbiter of cool—and what’s hot—among young audiences.

Luxury brands should work harder to address permanence-related drivers and begin to make customers feel more comfortable with indulgences, big or small, because neither the brands nor their customers are a shallow as many previously thought.

A recent survey conducted by the Committee to Determine the Intelligence of Marketers (CDIM), an independent think-tank in Princeton NJ, recently found that .........

Online engagement by Internet users is deepening, according to a new report on the online landscape released by The Nielsen Company. This increased engagement is in part a result of a shift toward video content and social networking as popular online subcategories.

Citing a disconnect between their own personal capabilities and how the companies they work for are performing in the digital marketing arena, nearly 75% of respondents describe themselves personally as "at the cutting edge" or "right where they should be," while 60% believe that their companies are "behind the curve."

The proof is in the Brand Experience. Have you ever compared the image you had about a brand, a company or a person Before and After dealing with them, believing their promises and buying their products? Do they keep their positive aura?

Their opinions do go to extremes.

Product managers and PR mavens can relax, at least a little.

Bloggers often—say a few million times a day—post their opinions. But according to CARMA International, those opinions are positive more often than negative.

Previous industry research indicated that marketers and agencies struggled to integrate marketing, particularly across the broad array of new and emerging media.

The classic brand loyalty program offers a combination of rewards and recognition. The bottom-line objective of the program, however, is retention—to ensure that a customer continues to purchase a product or service and remains loyal to that particular brand.

Transparent Packaging Inc. has introduced its latest innovation. A scented transparent packaging box that not only allows consumers to see the product, but also entices the consumer to pick the product up off the shelf to smell it.

Although the consumption of broadcast television content continues to grow, viewers are adapting quickly to new choices that change how, when and where they watch programming.

Advertisers looking to reach television audiences simultaneously on multiple platforms are starting to get their chance, according to a new study released by Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI).

Summarizing some of the established benefits of marketing in a recession, James Surowiecki asks in a recent New Yorker column why the knee-jerk reaction is to cut spending, given that “the benefits from recession investment are often surprisingly long-lived.”

Young people especially receptive.

Want to get Internet users to visit your Website or follow your brand?

In 2006, Experian Simmons launched the Multi-Media Engagement Study, in response to the groundswell of advertiser and agency interest in developing media engagement metrics. This study covers a huge array of nationally-aired TV shows and cable channels, magazines and Internet websites, reporting six global engagement indicators for all TV, magazine and Internet measured vehicles.