Paul Fredrick specializes in men’s dress and business apparel. The company’s primary demographic is older men who regularly wear suits. While many customers shop online, the company’s paper catalog is the impetus behind their purchasing decisions. Available on

Five "must know" brand guidelines you need to know for building your brand in today's economy.

The rise of new technologies and increased channel fragmentation makes reaching consumer targets more challenging than ever. More and more consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers are finding that micro-targeting strategies—traditionally employed by specialized business—are unleashing new, deeper insights into their customer targets enabling them to grow brands in creative and profitable ways.

The "Always On" Brand (AOB) is a concept that I use to describe how your brand should operate in today's ever-connected world.  The AOB is a brand that is actively broadcasting and listening at the same time, all of the time.  It's the kind of brand that knows what it wants to say, but is not afr

In 2015 consumers will be more in control of a fragmented media marketplace than they are today and will compartmentalize their media consumption habits into segments that align with their attention spans, personal tastes, information needs and technological savvy. Media 2015: The Future of Media, which was commissioned by a powerhouse triumvirate of client, agency, and media companies: Unilever, Mindshare, and ESPN. DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE.

While generations seek to linguistically differentiate themselves from their predecessors, one word that has perennially weathered the generational changing of the guard is the word "cool." We asked teens and collegians if they ever use this word to describe something that they like or are excite

Performance means different things to different advertisers. For some, performance takes place on an audience level, i.e. showing an ad to a desired user. For others, the notion of performance goes a little deeper down the funnel to a click.

Looking in the mirror this morning, I was forced to face reality: I'm getting old. Thus, when it comes to teen culture, I am an outsider looking in.

What separates the winners from the losers in online marketing? What key areas should your company focus on to engage more customers and drive bottom-line revenues from marketing emails, display ads, and personalized recommendations? Find out with this groundbreaking new report from Bloomberg BusinessWeek Research Services. Download here.

Engagement is not a new media buzzword. According to Princeton's WordNet, the verb engage is defined as "to consume all of one's attention or time." Isn't advertising's goal to engage people's attention with their product or service messages?

A joint ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and Forrester Research Inc. survey of more than 100 national advertisers illustrates marketers' continued lack of confidence in the effectiveness of television ads. And while they still express faith in the future of the 30-second spot, advertisers feel that the fundamentals to support their use is in need of an overhaul. Specifically, they express dissatisfaction with the current measurement techniques, an interest in more targeted ads, and a desire for less ad clutter and more relevance.

Building a brand in today's global market is very different from what it used to be. No longer can an organization expect marketing to do the work of branding.

As the somber undertones of 2009 fade away, we move excitedly forward towards a year of promise, opportunity and rapid change. If the fiscal stars align, we’ll leave behind the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and move into a new decade filled with anticipation of a stronger global job market that will inevitably be fueled by new and innovative business models. Digital will surely be at the core of this evolution. DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE.

Media and entertainment companies are reinventing themselves by making major investments in digital technologies that will allow them to engage directly with consumers to drive revenue growth, a new survey by Accenture shows. Available at

As more marketers turn to loyalty and rewards programs to spark business growth, a new report from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council report indicates that marketers are under-valuing these often costly programs even as customers give the perks, discounts, deals and additional service opportunities high marks. Both customers and marketers agree: deeper engagement and personalized contact drives loyalty, not mass blast communications and gimmicks.