Forrester Research reported this month in a new report (subscription or purchase required) that 29% of new-vehicle shoppers view automotive online consumer-generated media (CGM).

Are you investing in online video platforms? If so, you may be missing a crucial piece of information that can be of key importance.

Youth exposure to alcohol advertising in magazines declined 49% from 2001 to 2005, according to a new report released by the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY) at Georgetown University.

JupiterResearch has found appreciation for the environment is alive and well among online teens age 13 - 17. Outlined in a new report "Green Teens: Reaching A Trendy, Engaged Audience Online," some 38 percent of all online teens admit concern for the environment, while 15 percent are hardcore Green Teens.

Look where the money is going.

"Talk of TV's short-term demise is premature," says Ben Macklin, eMarketer Senior Analyst and the author of the new report, US TV Trends: The Impact of DVRs, VOD and the Web. "Yet it is equally shortsighted to think that the traditional TV model will not change significantly over the next decade."

Procter & Gamble (P&G) and its home care brands Tide, Febreze and Dawn announced today that they have teamed with Target to launch the “Touch of Scent on Every Room” campaign to help enhance the moods and the environment of Hispanic consumers with scent tips, based on the research results by taste and smell expert Dr. Alan Hirsch.

Demand for advertising and marketing talent is expected to remain strong in the coming year, driven in part by the need for professionals with online expertise. Sixty-one percent of advertising and marketing executives polled said their firms plan to increase staffing levels in the next 12 months, up one point from the 2006 forecast.

Discretionary spending of college students in the United States is funded largely by today’s baby boomer parents. Today, nearly half of male (46.1%) and female (50.9%) college students fund personal expenses with parents or guardians fund. Only one in five students (18.7%) work full time to fund spending and about two fifths (39.4%) work part time.

Pizza Patron has been named the premier distributor for the initial launch of BlagCard, a unlimited calling card to Mexico. The chain will begin retailing the cards in each of its 65 locations beginning Friday, July 27th.

Measurement is easier for direct marketers.

Direct mail and e-mail had the highest return on investment of any target marketing method in 2006, according to Harte-Hanks' "Target Marketing Priorities Analysis: 2007 Key Trends" study.

U.S. retailers of beauty products are banking on multi-channel sales and personalized customer relations strategies to maintain a competitive edge, according to a newly published study by global management consulting and market research firm Kline & Company. Faced with a challenging, mature market and growing competition from the direct-to-consumer sales channel, beauty retailers are beefing up enticements like customer loyalty programs and purchase rewards in an effort to retain customers and attract new ones.

Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) announced the first top-line results from its IRI Long-Term Drivers Consortium Study that was initially launched in mid-2006. Since its inception, the study has been utilizing brand information from a consortium of national CPG manufacturers to quantify the importance of TV advertising, in-store promotion, distribution and brand variety on the long-term health of brands and the overall CPG industry.

Community events score with youth influencers.

A few years back, a market researcher wanted to form a focus group consisting of the most influential kids available. The researcher would ask children, "Who's the coolest kid you know?" Kids who answered "me" were invited to be in the sample.

Have you ever been on an awesome thrill ride at an amusement park, had your photo, with a big grin on your face, taken unsuspectingly -- only to end the ride with an aggressive pitch to buy a low-quality print for, say, $5, $10, $15, even $20?

I’ve been LinkedIn-crazy lately. As a CEO of a busy start-up, with all the distracting little details that pull me this way and that, it is good to remind myself that the greatest asset I bring to my company is my personal network of contacts. Managing and maintaining my contacts and network, I find, is the single most important thing I can do with my time. And most of that networking is done through email: one-to-one email marketing at its (hopefully) best.