IZEA Worldwide, Inc. released the examination of earnings equality among social influencers. The report provides analysis of influencer earnings observed in IZEA’s online marketplace spanning 2014 to 2019. Data is comprised of negotiated rates between marketers and creators spanning the spectrum of micro-influencers to celebrities.

2020 is the year when the majority of all Americans under seventeen years old will be from a minority background, a process that will culminate with a so-called “minority-majority” population by the mid-2040s. These demographic changes will bring about a significant transformation to Corporate America. During the next few months, I will discuss some of these consequences in each article targeting one specific area of our business environment.  By Isaac Mizrahi- Co-President of ALMA

In a recent post, Nigel shared a buyer classification focused on what I like to call the buy and the why, more specifically consumer behavior and predisposition. The concept is straightforward but it begs the question of how can we build a system of insights and analytics to bring this growth matrix to life.  by Bill Pink - Head of Global Analytic Leads / Kantar

CMOs hoping to transform their brands through a customer-centric approach face many challenges across data insights, channel optimization, and performance analytics. But the biggest challenge is creating and managing all the content needed to deliver authentic and relevant customer experiences, as marketers often struggle to produce content with the volume, variety, and velocity required to ensure the content resonates with customers and prospects.

Throughout history, “shopping” has involved taking a trip, planned in advance, to a favorite store that a consumer made time for. The ecommerce revolution upended that predictable relationship and activity, and today consumers’ brains have again been rewired as it pertains to shopping, thanks to mobile technology and social media. That may usher in one of the industry’s biggest shifts in consumer behavior: The “always-on” consumer comes highly informed with specific demands around price, ingredients, delivery options, production methods and much more.

New global research released by Accenture and conducted by Forrester Consulting reveals an opportunity for chief marketing officers (CMOs) to expand their remit by assuming the role of CMO Collaborator. By ushering in new levels of collaboration across the C-suite, technology ecosystem and agency partners, CMOs can drive customer experience (CX), a proven source of growth in modern organizations today.

Consumers’ choices in terms of where, how and why they buy are redefining retail and creating a new playbook for the industry. NRF’s Consumer View is a recurring look at the consumer forces that are shaping retail.

In today’s fragmented world, the successful marketer needs to align all their resources to achieve a specific objective. This requires coordination within and without the company to ensure all activities work together in harmony. But the comparison with the role of the conductor goes far beyond the need for harmony.  by Nigel Hollis

NGL Collective announced an exclusive strategic partnership with Fox Deportes to offer U.S. Latinx advertisers digital content and connection built around FOX Deportes signature sports properties and original network program properties. NGL Collective will leverage its leading Latinx digital video platform to build additional reach around FOX Deportes’ top sport properties including NFL, MLB, Liga MX, Crixus MMA, PBC Boxing, Golf and Nascar. 

Nielsen released its Annual Marketing Report: The Age of Dissonance. The report sheds new light on how marketers perceive the effectiveness of digital and traditional channels, if their perception is driven by measurement data they can trust, and what ultimately influences budget decisions.

Consumers today are increasingly craving immersive, real-life experiences. But they want these experiences without foregoing time or effort. The solution? Augmented and virtual reality (A/VR) technology, coming to a “store” near you.

Today, Hispanics represent one in four 18 to 34 year olds in the US. They have origins in a variety of countries – each with their own unique culture – and are united by a common language. What else unites them?

It's a yawning chasm throughout the marketing terrain: 85 percent of CMOs believe that big, creative ideas that build brand and emotional connections are critical for future success — but just 54 percent say they can currently deliver on those capabilities. That's one of the key findings from the "Make Change Real 2019 CMO Survey," released last year by the Dentsu Aegis Network.

It is easy to measure sales being made now, but if a brand is to grow must also influence people who are not yet ready to buy. It must influence people who do not yet know they want to buy the category, never mind a specific brand. So how do you know whether your marketing is likely to generate future sales?  by Nigel Hollis

In our 2020 Media Trends & Predictions, one of the 12 trends we have identified is that influencer marketing needs to grow up. It’s currently going through its challenging teen phase. Fake followers, unconvincing endorsements, lack of transparency about whether it’s an #ad or a #gifted product, are all cause for concern. But rather than slamming the door shut on the mess, we need to gently coax it into understanding the opportunities.  by Jane Ostler Global Head of Media, Insights - Kantar