Preliminary results from the 2002 mid-term election show important gains for Latino elected officials and provide further evidence that the Latino community is an independent, issue-driven, and increasingly important segment of the electorate.

A majority of Latino voters in California and New York are opposed to having U.S. forces go to war with Iraq in contrast to national public opinion surveys, according to a poll of 809 registered Latino voters in the two states released by the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute.

Spanish-language campaign broadcast television advertising continues to break records in 2002.

The Hispanic electorate is emerging as a distinct presence on the political landscape, – The Hispanic electorate is emerging as a distinct presence on the political landscape, demonstrating broad but shallow party loyalty and a mixture of ideological beliefs and policy positions that defy es easy

The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, (NHLA) a coalition of 40 national public policy and civil rights organizations and distinguished leaders, has released its annual Congressional Scorecard covering legislative votes during the first
session of the 107th Congress.

National Media, Inc. released an analysis of political and issue advertisements that ran in the top 100 markets in the United States this year.

The voting patterns, interests, and behavior of Latino voters - who now constitute 7% of the American electorate - have the potential to influence the future of American politics significantly, according to a new analysis.

With the primary election less than 50 days away, Valley leaders urge the Hispanic Arizonans to make their votes count through a Public Service Campaign, "Tu Voto es Tu Voz" (Your Vote is Your Voice).

The Advertising Council and The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) joined to announce the launch of a new public service advertising (PSA) campaign designed to raise awareness of the importance of voting and encourage young people to register and vote in the upcoming elections.

In an unprecedented effort by a national political party, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced the launch of a Spanish-language television news magazine.

Large majorities of Americans are personally comfortable with a woman president (76%) and with a woman as vice president (82%)., an online promotion for one of New Orleans's leading Mayoral candidates, launched today just three days before Election Day.

Masquerade Ball honoring Latino/a leaders for their pioneering efforts to increase Latino representation in the political arena and for their leadership and vision.

Most Americans are confident that the U.S. government has a clear plan for winning the war on terrorism. Most Americans also think the government has explained clearly what it means to win this war.

In a first time effort by a local candidate for governor, Mark Warner has launched an assertive media campaign targeting the Latino community in the state of Virginia.