Latino Broadcasting Company Spanish-language radio network announced that it will broadcast Super Bowl XXXV.

For the fifth consecutive year Latino Broadcasting Company, will be the official and exclusive Spanish-language radio network of the National Football League's Super Bowl.

The Arbitron Fall 2000 12+ ratings for key markets are available.

Markets currently available:

Ovum predicts that by January 2006, 166 million Internet users world-wide will be regular users of PC-to-phone IP telephony. This represents almost a quarter (23%) of Internet users growing from only 5% today.

The new documentary film "Como se forma una Rumba"® (How to create a Rumba) written, produced and directed by Iván Acosta is ready to go. On January 26th, 2001 at 7:30 p.m. A.S.C.A.P.

World welterweight boxing champion, Olympic Gold Medalist and EMI Latin recording artist Oscar De La Hoya can now add Grammy nominee to his list of accolades.

TVB's in-depth analysis of the impact of television advertising on political elections, including current and historical data.

Growth of total ad volume and TV ad volume compared with GDP; also revenue growth of network, spot, local, national syndication, and cable television.

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Executives at Universal Records and FB Entertainment, an affiliate of FUBU The Collection, announced that they have brokered a joint venture deal to share marketing, distribution and promotion duties for FUBU Records, a new imprint which is an entity of FB Entertainment.

A collection of year-end advertising revenues for all media, including television, newspapers, radio, magazines, direct mail, billboards, trade publications, Internet, and yellow pages.

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Costs and CPM trends from 1965-1998 for network, spot television, magazines, and (until 1997) newspapers. Also includes newspaper circulation trends.

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As digital television opens new frontiers, competition between telecommunications giants and the TV industry is rapidly increasing. Ovum, the independent analyst and consulting company, predicts digital television connections will grow from 62 million in 2001 to 350 million in 2006.

During the holiday season, the Internet was used by more Americans to celebrate and socialize than it was to make purchases.

Includes the top 15 ad categories for local and national spot; also the top 25 spot TV advertisers.

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Though the typical Internet surfer has often been depicted as a teenage boy wearing a backwards baseball cap, a new report from Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI), suggests that girls are actually more avid Web users.

In response to streaming media industry demand for more detailed audience size and demographic information, and for rankings of leading on-line broadcasters, MeasureCast, Inc. released its first monthly analysis of the Internet radio industry.